European Gay Network

The 2022 Gay Icon Awards are coming for the most representative characters for the GLBTQ + International community!

The nominations for the Gay Icon Awards 2022 are underway, which will be awarded to the most representative characters of the GLBTQ + International community by the European Gay Network and who will become Ambassadors of the Gay Factory in Italy, the only Gay Village created to overcome the social scourge of HOMOPHOBIA!
The consultations to assign the prestigious award have already started at the beginning of January and the names of the characters who will receive it will be made public from March 2022! Trophy deliveries will start in May 2022 and will take place in Italy!
The trophies will be awarded by the President of the European Gay Network Maximo De Marco, the RAI Silver Horse Award and the UNESCO / CID International Art Director, together with the gold medal as Ambassadors of the Gay Factory!
All the characters who will receive the trophy have been chosen by the whole GLBTQ + community as they have given their support to the whole gay community.