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Koldo Logan the eclectic artist Gay icon!

Exclusive interview with the international gay icon artist Koldo Logan with his works that exude serenity and power, enhancing male virility in a homoerotic world!

1) When was your passion for art born in you?

From a very young age, my passion was drawing with colored pencils and acrylic paints. Besides that, architecture games, castles, and LEGOs, took up a significant part of my childhood and adolescence.

2) at what age did you create your first work?

My first creations at the age of 14 were very dark oil paintings, full of ghosts and demons, dismembered dolls, and broken heads from which diabolical beings emerged. The truth is, when I found those canvases rolled up in a closet, already as an adult, I tore them into a thousand pieces trying to close a childhood that didn’t seem endearing to me at all.

3) what do you want to communicate through your creations?

My work has been very diverse; I’ve never considered myself an “artist” with a capital “A”. My professional endeavors have always been focused on the world of design, and primarily, I have been focused on my teaching role in Fine Arts.

4) you are an artist who belongs to the LGBTQ world, is the gay community an integral part of your works?

Koldo Logan is my alias, and through him, I’ve been able to unleash a world of fantasies and kinks that idealize beauty in certain sectors of the gay community—slaves to their image. My creations have always been “objects of desire” featuring sexuality and passion. They are little companions that you can have in your home, tagging along with you without further complications.

5) describe to us how one of your creations is born.

We live in a world of beauty, we love idealizing and becoming more perfect and unattainable every day. Artificial intelligence sends us the message of impossible ideals. My three-dimensional creations are essentially objects of desire posing in front of the viewer with serenity. There are no hidden or philosophical transgressions behind my pieces; it’s the provocation of the human body shaped by hand without seeking extreme realism in the small details.

6) where can you find your works of art?

My work has been exhibited in Madrid on several occasions, but currently, it is exclusively sold at the Artamore Art Gallery in Sitges (Spain), which maintains an exclusive section for my pieces throughout the year. They also sell the pieces worldwide through their website.

7) if you had to define your creations with an adjective, which one would you use?


8) today there is still a lot of homophobia and many cases of homophobic violence in the world, can your works also convey a social message?

My pieces, while they represent many ideals of the gay world, can also become an image of impossible and frustrating beauty, far removed from the reality of man, non-conforming to perfect standards. If a beautiful body doesn’t have a beautiful soul, it seems more like an idol than a human body.

“Aesthetics isn’t just about what we see, but how it makes us feel.” (Wittgenstein)

“It’s not wrong to be beautiful; what’s wrong is the obligation to be so.” (Susan Sontag)

9) Is there a special place where inspiration comes to you to create your works?

Undoubtedly, nowadays, social media is the perfect breeding ground for fantasy.

10) New projects on the horizon?

I’m experimenting with new materials in 3D printing for my pieces.

11) How important is love for you as an artist and as a man?

I work on my pieces while feeling them with my hands, often closing my eyes and sensing the shapes I’m seeking. Perhaps that sensation is the closest feeling to love.

12) Do you think your works convey love?

My pieces pose serenely, with barely any contortion in front of the viewer, “flirting” in search of pleasing. If that is conveying love, then welcome be that love.