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The BOURBONS BAR In Sitges a Historical pillar of the gay world!

The historic BOURBONS BAR reopens in Sitges in Spain, it made the history of the gay movement in Europe in the early 70s”!
The Bourbons bar in fact came to life in 1975, when Francoism was still in Spain and therefore prohibition and gay clubs were banned throughout the country! Thus Sitges began to become a favorite destination for gays from all over the world! Today the Bourbons bar, closed during the pandemic in 2019, comes back to life with the new formula of a naturist place! With the concept of recreating that secret island of freedom of its origins!
Bourbons can only be accessed naked or in jockstrap or underwear every night, as well as on exclusive thematic parties that you can find out about on the official website
Bourbons is not just a simple bar but the official point of the SCRUFF gay App and the official Store of the MAXIMO COLLECTION.
Entering from the hidden staircase of the Bourbons you can relive those ancient times of the 70s” where gay life could only be lived in hiding, the large rainbow flags at the entrance of the room, the colored lights and then you are sucked into that atmosphere with a forbidden flavor, the large original mural of boys on the beach, the large steel and black marble bar and the cruising area with the bathrooms that marked an era … with the wall I can see and I cannot see for the taste of voyeurism!
International atmosphere every night, with tourists and handsome guys from all over the world… a beautiful sight that stimulates the senses and erotic fantasies of every person who sets foot in what was and still is the temple of freedom and gay pride!