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Vanni Piccolo : The voice lgbtq+ of memory in an Italy slipping back into fascism!

In Italy, the condition of the LGBTQ + community is getting worse month by month, the far-right government in power is taking the country back in time from all points of view: economic and social!
The current government has restored all the privileges of the political class and has taken away any form of livelihood and aid from the Italian people, together with this on a social level it has abolished all rights and protection for social minorities such as the GLBTQ community!
In this “perfect blizzard” in which Italy lives, a single voice rises, which, although faint, has its effect … we are talking about the historical activist Vanni Piccolo, one of the founding fathers of the Italian gay movement.
Vanni Piccolo is staging a theatrical show entitled Letter to a young friend directed by Mariano Lamberti, the next performance of which will be staged on Monday 7 August 2023 at the Giardini della Filarmonica in via Flaminia 118 in Rome.
The theatrical show is a sort of open letter to a young friend… who basically represents the new generations who do not know the battles that have been fought over the years to allow them to live with a minimum of dignity and pride and above all rights , to those who are homosexual in Italy.
I have done my time and young people are children of their time, my intent is not to judge them but to tell … these are the words of the 83-year-old Vanni Piccolo, who retraces 40 years of activism of the LGBTQ movement in the show ! An absolutely unmissable show that is worth seeing… and that has sold out in every performance to date!